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Maintenance products

To assure original equipment reliability and efficiency, use only genuine, factory original WESTERN® maintenance products for your WESTERN snow plows and spreaders.


Don’t risk corrosion problems—use WESTERN® dielectric grease! Western Products recommends all owners consistently use our special formulation dielectric grease to protect all electrical connections in tough winter snow, ice, and salt conditions.

Part Numbers
#49326 2 oz tube


Available in quart and gallon containers, WESTERN® high performance fluid is formulated to provide better viscosity in all temperatures. This means your plow will operate at the optimum level no matter what the weather conditions.

Part Numbers
#49311 Quart
#49330 Gallon


Time to touch up your WESTERN® snow plow blade or black iron? Available in spray or quart cans, in red or black, top coat or the primer-based under coat, these Factory Original paints provide durable coverage and are formulated to match your original equipment.

Part Numbers
#49293 Black Satin (quart)
#49294 Black Satin (spray can)
#49135 WESTERN® Red (quart)
#59515 WESTERN Red (spray can)
#49419 Primer (quart)
#49418 Primer (spray can)


Be prepared! These handy parts kits provide the high volume, Factory Original parts needed for emergency snow plow repairs. Packed in an easy-to-store WESTERN® factory original nylon duffle bag. This kit contains all the essentials for getting your plow up and running long enough to finish the job, and the bag has enough extra room for you to store any additional items you want, tailored to your needs. (UniMount® part #99110 also applies to Suburbanite plows.)

Part Numbers
#99110 For all UniMount® plows
#99105 For all Non-FLEET FLEX UltraMount® Plows