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Under a blanket of ice and snow, under the cover of darkness, the way is waiting to be cleared by you and your WESTERN® snowplow. Equipped with the all-new NIGHTHAWK halogen lamps—standard on all WESTERN truck plows—you’ll be ready. That’s because at 36% brighter and a 35% increase in distance in high beam mode, the road ahead has never been more visible—keeping you safe and on the job. And an improved dual glue seal and GORE-TEX® patch protected vent minimize water ingression and incoming moisture, making these lights not only reliable but durable. In addition, halogen headlamps are known to generate heat and as a result, they minimize the buildup of snow and ice on the lens. The cold never stopped your plow, now the dark never will—with NIGHTHAWK headlamps.



The all-new NIGHTHAWK halogen headlamps feature a dual cavity—meaning each cavity reflector can be designed to perform its function perfectly.


17% brighter and 6% wider               

Putting more light down immediately in front of the plow, where the light needs to be to see obstacles and hazards buried under snow.


36% brighter AND 35% increase in distance

Helping warn drivers of upcoming road hazards, making it ideal for late night travel between jobs.


Ultra-reliable dual adhesive seal minimizes water ingression while the GORE-TEX® patch protected vent allows humidity and condensation out without letting moisture in.


Computer modeling and real-world trip track testing has led to the development of an improved compact structural design that is flexible and balanced to provide for reliable, trouble-free service.


New styling and updated look bring out the best in your plow and truck. At 3"-3½" shallower, these lights won’t affect the truck models where the hood opens into the casing.