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WIDE-OUT Adjustable Wing Snowplow



The WESTERN® WIDE-OUT adjustable wing snow plow puts total control in your hands for unmatched versatility. Go from retracted straight to extended straight, windrow, and scoop, all at the touch of a button. Get done up to 30% faster. The WIDE-OUT is the ultimate in CONTRACTOR GRADE® performance.

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Product Specifications

Models 8-10'
Blade Width 8' retracted
10' expanded
8' 10" scoop
Blade Height 29"
Blade Gauge 12
Trip Springs 4
Vertical Ribs 6
Angling Rams 1 ½" x 10"
Plowing Width (full angle) 7' 2" retracted
9' expanded
7' 11" scoop
Approx. Weight (less mount) 940 lb
Disc Shoes Optional
Cutting Edge 1/2" x 6" blade
1 ½" x 8" poly wings
Mount Type UltraMount® 2
Models 8-10'
Blade Width 2.44 m retracted
3.05 m expanded
2.69 m scoop
Blade Height 73.66 cm
Blade Gauge 2.78 mm
Trip Springs 4
Vertical Ribs 6
Angling Rams 3.81 cm x 25.40 cm
Plowing Width (full angle) 2.18 m retracted
2.74 m expanded
2.41 m scoop
Approx. Weight (less mount) 426 kg
Disc Shoes Optional
Cutting Edge 1.27 cm x 15.24 cm blade
3.81 cm x 20.32 cm poly wings
Mount Type UltraMount® 2

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