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Enjoy the View with the Low Profile Tailgate Spreader

When you need a smooth functioning tailgate spreader and an unobstructed view from the cab, you need a WESTERN® Low Profile Tailgate Spreader. Whether you choose the Model 500, 1000 or 2500, all three spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. Choose between in-cab “on/off” control, or variable speed control option, for all three tailgate spreader models.

Low Profile Spreader Video
Model 500: Low Profile Spreader
Model 1000: Low Profile Spreader
Model 1000 Spreader Mount Options
Model 2500: Low Profile Spreader
The Model 2500 Flow Control System
Spreader Receiver Hitch Mount
Low Profile Spreader Control
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ModelHopper ConstructionCapacityDimensions
(Overall L x W x H)
Approximate Weight (empty)MotorSpinner SizeSpreading WidthMaterialsVehicle Application
Model 500
Low Profile
Polyethylene 5 cu ft 21" x 39" x 34" 75 lb
with mount
1/3 HP 10" 3' - 30' Salt Vehicles with Class III Hitch
Model 1000
Low Profile
Polyethylene 8 cu ft 19½" x 50½" x 35" 105 lb
w/o mount
1/3 HP 10" 3' - 30' Salt Full Size Trucks
Model 2500
Low Profile
Polyethylene 8.5 cu ft 25" x 50" x 42" 131 lb
with mount
1/3 HP 15" 3' - 30' Salt Full Size Trucks
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