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Low Profile 500, 1000 & 2500 Accessories

Top Screen

The coated steel top screen helps break up large chunks of de-icing material during the loading process to help prevent clogging and bridging during spreader operation.

Part Number
For 500 model
For 2500 model

Adjustable Deflector

Redirect material onto the roadway and away from your vehicle by using an adjustable deflector that can be positioned in various directions.

Part Number
For 500 model
For 1000 model

5-Flight Auger

Reduce spillage of finer grained material by utilizing a 5-Flight Auger. A tighter corkscrew design with 5 turns over the same distance as the standard 3.

Part Number
For 500 & 1000 models
For 2500 model

Truck Protector Flap

A Truck Protector Flap is an adjustable barrier bolted to the back of your tailgate that prevents salt from getting thrown into the truck bed, reducing the opportunity for corrosion.

Part Number
#67443 For 1000 model


Gain the flexibility and easy installation benefits of the cup holder control mount with every spreader installation using the new Spreader Control Adapter Plate Kit. Kit contains a durable metal mounting plate and hardware. Cup Holder Mount not included, order separately (#82007).

Part Number
#82018 For all models

Control Cup Holder Mount

Put a hard stop to juggling controls and cell phones. Functional and practical, the Control Cup Holder Mount lets you secure your WESTERN plow controls or your smartphone (not included) on a flexible gooseneck mount for optimal, customizable positioning. This compact, easy-to-install genuine WESTERN accessory is designed to fit firmly into most size cup holders in your vehicle.

Part Number
#82007 For all models

Dielectric Grease

Don’t risk corrosion problems—use WESTERN® dielectric grease! Western Products recommends all owners consistently use our special formulation dielectric grease to protect all electrical connections in the tough winter snow, ice, and salt conditions.

Part Number
#49326 2 oz. tube


Protect and maintain moving components within snow and ice equipment including bearings, hinges and pivot bolts with EXTREME DEFENSE Grease. WESTERN’s specially designed blend is optimized for the cold, wet and dirty environment common to snow and ice management. Custom formula maintains viscosity from -40 up to 300 degrees, and military-grade, corrosion-prevention additives protect equipment investments for the long haul with no harmful environmental side effects. EXTREME DEFENSE Grease is available in cartridges, pails, totes and drums.

Part Number
14 oz Cartridge
7 lb Pail
120 lb Tote
400 lb Drum