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WIDE-OUT & WIDE-OUT XL Accessories


Ensure a clean scrape, every time, when you back drag. Angled to maximize back dragging, the WESTERN® back drag edge is constructed to be as rugged and durable as every other component of your plow. Easy to install and easy to use, a back drag edge is a key tool in any snowfighter's kit.

Part Number
For 8'-10' model
For 8'6"-11' XL model


Control the snow and always see where you're going with optional deflectors. Our 10", 2-ply rubber snow deflectors include bolt-on steel plates to ensure proper positioning of the deflectors to keep your view clear and clean. 

Part Number
For 8'-10' model
For 8'6"-11" XL model


Protect your plow and the road. Ride above the uneven surfaces of gravel and dirt with plow shoes. The cast iron construction and shape ensures that your plow glides over gravel and dirt at the perfect height. Bolt-on shoe kit extends cutting edge and base angle life when plowing rocky or abrasive surfaces.

Part Number
#44277-1 For the main blade

Poly Cutting Edge Kit – Moldboard and Wings

Resilient compound poly edges on the WIDE-OUT snow plow moldboard help protect decorative concrete, driveways, and other delicate surfaces.

Part Number
For 8'-10' model
For 8'6"-11' XL model

Poly Wing Cutting Edge

Poly edges on each independently-controlled WIDE-OUT snow plow wing let operators better adjust to road surface irregularities without gouging and quickly remove all types of snow.

Part Number
For 8'-10' model
For 8'6"-11' XL model

Optional Cutting Edge

A 5/8" steel cutting edge fits the same hole pattern as the one that comes standard from the factory. Made of abrasion-resistant steel, this cutting edge gives your WIDE-OUT snow plow extra wearability by increasing surface area at the point of contact.

Part Number
For 8'-10' model
For 8'6"-11' XL model

Emergency Parts Kit - UltraMount®

Be prepared! These handy parts kits provide the high volume, Factory Original parts needed for emergency snow plow repairs. Packed in an easy-to-store WESTERN® factory original nylon duffle bag. This kit contains all the essentials for getting your UltraMount® plow up and running long enough to finish the job, and the bag has enough extra room for you to store any additional items you want, tailored to your needs.

Part Number
#99100 For all models


This kit has grip! Kit contains adhesive-backed locking strips to secure the WESTERN® Solenoid Control and spreader controls to interior vehicle surfaces. Allows the control to be easily removed yet held firmly in place during plowing or spreading.

Part Number
#49305K For any joystick control


Always have the control right where you want it! FLEX ARM maneuvers into any position for any plower. The magnetic base allows for easy mounting and removal, plus it eliminates the standard mounting holes in your dash. The FLEX ARM is custom designed for WESTERN® Solenoid and CabCommand controls, plus it can handle any other spreader control and cellular phones with the help of the Pro-Grip mount kit. Base plate included.

Part Number
#62490 For any handheld control

Ballast Retainer Kit

Safely secure ballast behind the rear axle of a vehicle using the WESTERN® Ballast Retainer Kit.

Part Number
#62849 For plow vehicles requiring ballast

Control Cup Holder Mount

Put a hard stop to juggling controls and cell phones. Functional and practical, the Control Cup Holder Mount lets you secure your WESTERN plow controls or your smartphone (not included) on a flexible gooseneck mount for optimal, customizable positioning. This compact, easy-to-install genuine WESTERN accessory is designed to fit firmly into most size cup holders in your vehicle.

Part Number


Protect and maintain moving components within snow and ice equipment including bearings, hinges and pivot bolts with EXTREME DEFENSE Grease. WESTERN’s specially designed blend is optimized for the cold, wet and dirty environment common to snow and ice management. Custom formula maintains viscosity from -40 up to 300 degrees, and military-grade, corrosion-prevention additives protect equipment investments for the long haul with no harmful environmental side effects. EXTREME DEFENSE Grease is available in cartridges, pails, totes and drums.

Part Number
14 oz cartridge
7 lb pail
120 lb tote
400 lb drum