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PRODIGY Multi-Position Wing Snowplow


Get all of the benefits of a winged plow with the simple control of a straight blade with the WESTERN® PRODIGY multi-position wing snow plow. The wings automatically adjust to provide the most efficient plowing configuration for the job. This model adds versatility to your fleet without spending time training operators on how to use new equipment, keeping productivity and profitability high.


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Product Specifications

Models 8' 7" scoop
Blade Width 8' 7" Scoop
9' 8" Wings Pinned
Blade Height 29 ½"
Blade Gauge 12
Trip Springs 4
Vertical Ribs 8
Lift Cylinder 1 ½" x 8"
Angling Rams 1 ½" x 10"
Plowing Width 7' 10" Full Angle
8' 7" Scoop
Approx. Weight* 880 lb
Cutting Edge ½" x 6"
Mount Type UltraMount® 2
Models 8' 7" scoop
Blade Width 2.62 m Scoop
2.95 m Wings Pinned
Blade Height 74.93 cm
Blade Gauge 2.78 mm
Trip Springs 4
Vertical Ribs 8
Lift Cylinder 3.81 cm x 20.32 cm
Angling Rams 3.81 cm x 25.40 cm
Plowing Width 2.39 m Full Angle
2.61 m Scoop
Approx. Weight* 399 kg
Cutting Edge 1.27 cm x 15.24 cm
Mount Type UltraMount® 2

*Does not include vehicle mount. Please refer to the Quick Match program for specific vehicle applications.

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